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Tersum Energy is committed to using proven technology that has been trialled and tested and meets the best environmental standards.

The gasification process has been successfully used for more than 30 years across Europe and North America, meeting the strict standards of European Directive 17. This proven process can generate renewable energy with minimal environmental impact.

Tersum have access to a combination of systems tailored to unique requirements, all focused on utilising the same basic gasification process.

We have outlined the technology used in one example below to showcase the potential of our waste to energy process.


Tersum uses patented gasification processes that extract energy by breaking down solid waste material and converting this into syngas. This is a non-incineration process that exposes solid waste to high temperatures to heat the chemical compounds of the waste material, which in turn breaks down into gas. The gasification process does not produce the same sorts of emissions as the engines and turbines in standard power station processes. The compliance of the gasification process is comparable to natural gas