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What We Do

Tersum Energy seeks to provide sustainable solutions for its clients, particularly in power generation and transportation.

power generation

energy from waste

Waste to landfill in Western Australia is higher than national averages, reflective of mining and energy activity that dominates the economy. Over 650 landfills operate in Australia, and post-consumer waste contributes 15Mt of CO2e emissions annually – equivalent to three per cent of Australia’s emissions.

For small-to-medium landfills, defined as having less 100ktpa in waste receipts, the Australian National Waste Report 2010 identified that:

  • less than 40% have liners and leachate monitoring.
  • less than 50% of these sites have groundwater monitoring.
  • more than 50% of them accept waste classified as hazardous.

Many small-to-medium sized landfills are located in regional communities and do not appear to have ‘best in class’ environmental controls. Tersum is developing business solutions that eliminates waste going into landfill, and also has the potential to recover old landfill whilst generate energy for use within the communities.


Generation of energy through Solar technology (PV, CSP) remains a challenge for industry to accept, as it is considered intermittent, and there can be a significant cost to industry where the supply of power is not ‘guaranteed’ The solution in introducing large scale commercial solar into Australia lies in the development of solar hybrid generation, that combines solar storage, mitigating the loss of supply risk.

With Australia the ‘prime’ location to introduce solar into the sustainable energy jigsaw, we are exploring opportunities to provide tailored solar and storage solutions to our clients to deliver an energy alternative that compliments our primary focus of leading energy-from-waste solutions.


reducing CO2 footprint

Transportation in general, and diesel dependent commercial trucking in isolated regional communities in particular, provide a range of problems that Tersum Energy is ideally situated to address.

Our European transport specialists have an extensive track record in advising corporates and multi-lateral agencies such as the World Bank and EBRD in assisting the switch in public and commercial transportation to sustainable models.  In Australia, some of our recent efforts are focusing on examining the viability of replacing diesel with combined natural gas and solar for a variety of commercial and commuter transport modes.